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Hi! My name is Kristie Patton, and I have been in the Princess Party industry for almost 14 years now! It all started in Dallas, where I moved with my husband when we first got married and had our 4 children. Katelynn is 19, Kylee is 18, Will is 14, and Zach is 11. However, I am very proud to say that I was born and raised right here in Oklahoma! While living in Dallas when my girls were about 3 and 4 years old, they were in love with anything and everything princess. It was then that I began researching ways to have a very special princess party for them. So, what did I do… I found a princess party business in a magazine and hired a princess! After the party, my husband gave me some encouraging words on how I should get in the business and be a part of making dreams come true for other children too! So that is where it started! I became a princess and did princess parties there for 5 years. We then moved back to Oklahoma (yay!!!), and I have been doing princess parties here with My Princess Party ever since! I truly enjoy being a part of making dreams come true!

Kristie Patton

Ryan Lirley.jpeg

Hi! My name is Ryan Lirley. I'm a recent Business Major graduate, and I currently work at the Underground Coffee. I'm a self-taught makeup artist, face-painter, and cosplayer.
I've worked as a gymnastics coach and as a tutor, and have always loved working with kids because they tell the funniest stories! I can't wait to bring some magic to your party or event!

Ryan Lirley


My name is Sam Musser, and I am pursuing a degree in Computer Engineering from the University of Oklahoma. I am from Edmond, Oklahoma where I spent most of my childhood and young adulthood playing music or sports, but in my free time, I would escape into my favorite Marvel movies and comic books. My favorite superheroes have to be Spider-man and Captain America, and I vividly remember sneaking into the first Tobey McGuire Spider-man movie with my brothers as I was really young, and since then I have absolutely loved all superhero fandom. I enjoy being my characters’ because I remember how much I loved them growing up and how I saw them as role models that grew beyond true expectations. I know it’s a big contribution to the person that I am today. 

Sam Musser


My name is Ryan Thornton and I am currently a senior at Southwestern Christian University studying Sports Management. I currently coach at Tribe Cheer, where I get to help teach and watch athletes grow. Growing up I was an only child, and I idolized princesses and superheroes. Watching the movies made me feel like I was a part of something and I wanted to impact younger people just like they impacted me. The excitement and joy that comes to a child or even an adult when they see their favorite princess or superhero is a feeling like I’ve never experienced before. I have a blast getting to dress up and watch people’s faces light up. The people who work in this company are just as amazing as well, everyone loves what they do. It is a big family that I adore being a part of.

Ryan Thorton


Hello! My name is Colton Owens, I am a student at Southwestern Christian University as well as a Collegiate male Cheerleader. I love working with kids and spent a year as a gymnastics coach teaching kids classes. Therefore, the fact that I get to Make kids happy as my job is amazing! Some of my hobbies include tumbling and doing flips! I think a major part of that is because I have always loved superheroes, especially Spider-Man. During my childhood, I spent more time in a Spider-Man costume than actual clothes and I got in trouble more than once for bringing it to school! My princess party has given people an opportunity for creating amazing childhood memories and I’m lucky to be a part of that! 

Colton Owens


My name is Brittany McClanahan. I go to the University of Oklahoma, and I am pursuing a biology pre-med degree with a minor in chemistry. I am probably the biggest Disney fan! My favorite princesses are Rapunzel and Aurora. I know every movie by heart; I am always listening to and singing Disney music! I love my job so much because I get to be apart of the magic!

Brittany McClanahan


Kyle Uhlich

I am a current student at Rose State with the intention of becoming a Doctor of Physical Therapy. I have been a ballroom dance instructor of 13 years, and have recently been involved as a professional instructor for Dancing for a Miracle (Oklahoma City’s version of Dancing with the Stars, where all of the proceeds are donated to the Children’s Hospital Foundation). I am currently training in theatre arts and acrobatic dance lifts. I am a model and actor, and have appeared in numerous commercials and on billboards. I have had a love for origami and paper-folding all my life! I am passionate about the study of the mind, communication and interpersonal relationships. I feel like a kid at heart and my greatest strength is my imagination. My favorite superheroes are Ironman and Superman. When I was a young child, my mother told me I was going to be receiving a secondhand Superman suit from my cousin. I was super-stoked, and thoughts of flying in my new costume consumed my mind. Upon putting on the suit and trying to jump off the sofa, however, I realized it didn’t actually give me superpowers. So, I had to do my flying with my imagination!


Hello! My name is Tiaunna Baker I am a high school student at Southmoore High school. Disney Princesses and little kids have always been something I adored. It brings me such joy to see little kids faces light up and see their bright little smiles. When I saw Queen Elsa come to my 3 year old baby sister’s party, I knew this was something that fit me perfectly! It has always been my dream to be a princess and now I get to be one and bring joy to all the kids I meet. I would be honored to come to your child’s party and make their dreams come true!

Tiaunna Baker


Hi, my name's is Zach Ramirez! I attend Southwestern Christian university where I am studying sports administration. I live/grew up in Newcastle, Oklahoma. I like to cheer and workout with my friends at the local gym. The characters I play are Batman, Ironman, Superman and Spider-Man. Superheroes have always been a part of my life. I am deeply invested in marvel but my favorite characters in DC are Superman and Batman. My Princess & Character Parties allows me to be a hero for a kid at any age! The reward of a smile and excitement makes it all worth it!

Zach Ramirez


Hi there! I’m Alexis Carol-Dawn Kelley. I am currently working towards a dance major at University of Central Oklahoma.  I tutor small children and teach ballet. I live on a farm where I take care of my garden, chickens, and horses. Loving and taking care of animals makes me feel just like Cinderella!.  Becoming apart of this princess company has allowed some of my childhood dreams of being a princess come alive.

Alexis Kelley


My name is Katelynn Patton. I currently am a sophomore at the University of Central Oklahoma and am working at getting a Nursing degree. I have been a princess with My Princess and Character Parties since 2015 and and truly enjoy working with children. In addition to being a princess, I also have my own photography business and love preserving memories through photographs and video. I would love to catch your child’s dreams coming true through my professional photography for you to treasure for a lifetime!

Katelynn Patton


Hello! My name is Kylee Patton and I have been with My Princess and Character Parties since 2015! I have been a huge fan of all of the princesses ever since I was a little girl. In fact, I had Belle come to my birthday party when I was 4 years old and it was the most memorable experience I have ever had! Making dreams come true for children brings me so much joy and is such an honor!

Kylee Patton


My name is Jay Relkin.  I currently attend OSU-OKC and I plan on transferring to Stillwater next year.  I grew up in Sanford, North Carolina, but I have lived in Oklahoma City for almost 5 years.  I have been doing magic for over 7 years and currently perform magic at The Melting Pot in Bricktown. I have always been a giant superhero fan.  I grew up reading my old brother’s comics and playing with his action figures.  Ironman is my favorite superhero but Flash is a close second!

Jay Relkin


Hello! My name is Amberly Thornton,
I am a licensed cosmetologist and in the process of beginning the pursuit for a degree in ASL interpretation.  I am a mother of three wonderful little girls, my oldest loves to dress up in her princess costumes and have sing along dance parties just like I did as a child. Tangled is a must in my household! Being a mother of girls is definitely a dream come true! Working with children and bringing them joy fills my heart with so much happiness! I love to read, dance, sing, and go on adventures with my little family.  I was raised on Disney movies, dancing in the living room pretending to be a Disney princess singing along to every word. My favorite Disney princesses are Ariel, Rapunzel, and Aurora. It is a dream come true to have the opportunity to bring some magic into your home for your little princess! Working for My Princess Party is such a rewarding experience, I would love to help your child make magical memories! 

Amberly Thorton


Hi! My name is Halle Harrison. I am a high school student at Crossings Christian School, and I am involved in my school's vocal music and theatre programs. I have been singing and dancing since before I could talk, and I absolutely love performing! I also love little kids and all things Disney! My favorite part about princess birthday parties is seeing the joy on kids' faces when they see their favorite princess show up at their very own party!  I hope that I can bring some magic to your party very soon!

Halle Harrison

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